Medical technical assistant for function diagnostics

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What are my activities in this job?

Medical technical assistants for function diagnostics perform tests with medical measuring devices according to doctors' orders. They primarily examine the function of the sensory organs, nervous system, musculature, heart, blood vessels and lungs. For example, they may examine the heart using a resting, ambulatory and stress electrocardiogram (ECG). They are responsible for the maintenance and inspection of the instruments and documenting and evaluating the results. For special examinations, they serve as doctor's assistants, for example for cardiac catheter examinations.

Where can I work?

Medical technical assistants for functional diagnostics work primarily in hospitals, specialist doctor practices, medical laboratories and diagnostic centres.

What requirements must I meet?
  • Secondary school certificate; first general education school leaving certificate and a completed two-year course of training/education; successful completion of ten years of schooling that extends the first general education school leaving certificate; other general schooling.
  • General medical fitness

How much will the training cost?
Subject to certain costs, such as school fees or admission/examination fees.


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Information on training & education programmes

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3 years


Medical technical assistant for function diagnostics


Student stipend/allowance

No remuneration is paid during the school training course.

State recognition