Medical information specialist

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What are my activities in this job?
Medical information specialists acquire and process information such as medical records or operation reports for the doctor. They can also evaluate data using statistical methods and techniques, and verify or refute the effectiveness and safety of medicines and therapies. They collect medical information and manage and maintain medical databases. They also maintain hospital information systems, train users and coordinate internal flows of data and information.
Where can I work?
Medical information specialists find placements at hospitals, medical practices, in the pharmaceutical industry, at research institutes or in public administration (e.g. health services).
What requirements must I meet?
  • Subject-related entrance qualification or general university entrance certificate.
  • Minimum age: 18 years
How much will the training cost?
Some costs are involved, such as school fees or admission or examination fees.


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Information on training & education programmes

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3 years


Medical information specialist


Student stipend/allowance

No remuneration is paid during the school training course.

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