Podiatrist and medical chiropodist

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What are my activities in this job?

Podiatrists and medical chiropodists provide treatment of the feet. They diagnose foot disorders and injuries, as well as their causes, and perform targeted treatments. They work to prevent illness and injury, give advice and perform medical treatments on the foot. Their duties can include stabilisation of the foot with support bandages, wart removal and the preparation of foot impressions.

Where can I work?

Podiatrists and medical chiropodists can work in podiatric practices, chiropody departments within rehabilitation clinics or hospitals and other facilities that offer podiatric treatments.

What requirements must I meet?
  • Secondary school certificate; first general education school leaving certificate and a completed two-year course of training/education; successful completion of ten years of schooling that extends the first general education school leaving certificate; other general schooling.
  • General medical fitness

How much will the training cost?
Subject to certain costs, such as school fees or admission/examination fees.


More information on training


Information on training & education programmes

Location of the training provider


Type of training/education



2 years


Podiatrist and medical chiropodist


The academic training lasts twoyears and includes theoretical and practical contents. Even after training & education is completed, regular further education sessions must be attended in order to maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Student stipend/allowance

No remuneration is paid during the school training course.

State recognition