Medical Technology/Biomedical Engineering

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What is the content of the course of studies?

The course is divided into 3.5 years of study and is modular. During the first year, the scientific and technical basics as well as the basics of computer science are taught. The second year is about technical and scientific applications. There are also subjects such as law, business administration and project management on the plan. In the third year, course-specific applications (e.g. imaging procedures in medicine) are covered. The degree course is concluded with a dissertation.

Where can I find employment later on?
There are a large number of potential workplaces for medical technicians. They are found, for example, in companies that develop, manufacture and distribute medical devices; in hospitals (e.g. in the context of device management or patient safety); in consultancy firms, e.g. when hospitals or doctors’ practises are purchasing new equipment; in research facilities; in authorities and health offices, which, for example, monitor compliance with technical standards.
In what fields/subject areas can I work?

Medical technology is a growth industry. There are excellent employment and career opportunities in the Hamburg region, throughout Germany and worldwide. Typical focus areas for graduates in medical technology are, for example, marketing, product management, sales, development and service, application of medical devices, equipment management and maintenance planning, medical advice (patient safety), quality assurance and training, hospital planning and set-up as well as clinical research.

What are the entry requirements?
  • General higher education entrance qualification, advanced technical college certificate, master tradesperson, business administrator or vocational training and three years of subsequent work experience.
What costs will I incur as part of my studies?
Semester fee of € 308.50 (winter term 2014/15). This sum includes the semester ticket for Hamburger (HVV) public transport.


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Who offers this course?

HAW Hamburg

Type of study

University studies


Seven semesters

Qualification on completion

Bachelor of Science

Special features

A practical phase of six months is integrated into the course. Students can specialise in different electives (including biomechanics). There is a postgraduate master’s programme.

The course requires a pre-practical phase of 13 weeks. This is not an admission requirement, but it must be undertaken within a certain period

State recognition