Medical-technical radiology assistant

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What are my activities in this job?
Medical-technical radiology assistants work in a high-tech medical field. They conduct radiological examinations based on doctors' orders in order to detect and observe illnesses and injuries in the human body. They are able to independently use X-ray imaging: for example for imagery of bones, organs, blood vessels and for computer tomography (CT scans). Medical-technical radiology assistants also work with MRIs, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. For this they use sensitive diagnostic devices that are used in the treatment of serious illnesses, such as cancer.
Where can I work?
Medical-technical radiology assistants are primarily employed at hospitals and in specialist medical practices for radiology.
What requirements must I meet?
  • Intermediate school leaving certificate; completion of another ten-year basic education programme; in individual cases a first general education school leaving certificate or a completed training & education programme is recognised.
  • In individual cases, a general secondary school leaving certificate and a completed training & education course is recognised.
How much will the training cost?
Subject to certain costs, such as school fees or admission/examination fees.


More information on training


Information on training & education programmes

Location of the training provider


Type of training/education

Dual training: Academic and practical


3 years


Medical-technical radiology assistant


This training course includes 3,170 theoretical and practical educational hours as well as 1,250 practical hours as a part of the training organisation.

Student stipend/allowance

No remuneration is paid during the school training course.

State recognition