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What are my activities in this job?
Orthoptists work in the field of ophthalmology. They are responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eyesight problems. Their focus is on strabismus (lazy eye disorders), visual impairment, nystagmus (rapid involuntary movements of the eyes), ocular motion disorders and neurological disorders. Orthoptists are also responsible for observing and documenting the course of treatment. They work closely with the respective doctors and administer treatments according to doctors' orders.
Where can I work?
Orthoptists work primarily at eye centres, ophthalmic practices, early intervention centres for the visually impaired, rehabilitation centres, special schools, institutions and centres for the visually impaired and the blind, hospitals and in research and teaching.
What requirements must I meet?
  • Intermediate school leaving certificate
  • General medical fitness, unimpaired visual function with both eyes/no eye disorders Minimum age: 17 years
How much will the training cost?
Some costs are involved, such as school fees or admission or examination fees.


More information on training


Information on training & education programmes

Location of the training provider


Type of training/education

Academic and practical


3 years




The training & education program lasts three years and includes theoretical and practical components as well as a four-week placement in the field.

Student stipend/allowance

No remuneration is paid during the school training course.

State recognition