Dental technician

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What are my activities in this job?
Dental technicians make dental prosthetics. Using dental impressions, they make crowns, implants or prostheses. Their duties also include the cleaning and repair of dental prostheses as well as the manufacture of orthodontic appliances such as braces. They work primarily with plastics, ceramics and metals.
Where can I work?
Dental technicians work primarily in dental laboratories.
What requirements must I meet?
  • First general education school leaving certificate
How much will the training cost?
There are no costs.


More information on training


Information on training & education programmes

Location of the training provider


Type of training/education

Dual training: Academic and practical


The training & education lasts for a duration of 3.5 years.


Dental technician


A careful and precise manner of working is desirable.

Student stipend/allowance

A training wage is paid that increases for each year of training.

State recognition