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What is the content of the course of studies?

Modern medicine is constantly progressing, both in the basic disciplines and in the specialist medical disciplines. Practical demands on doctors and research-based medical professionals are constantly increasing. The Medical Faculty of the University of Hamburg has created the ‘iMED’ model course in medicine to address these challenges right from training. Its central guiding principle is its scientific orientation, i.e. the mediation of a critical stance, the awareness of problems and methods, the ability to structure and be independent, as well as the ability to orient towards evidence-based science. The task of training of practical skills is just as important as the promotion of psychosocial skills that are essential for the medical profession.
From the first semester, medical studies at Hamburg integrate theoretical, theoretical-clinical and clinical-practical aspects, so that theory and practical clinics can be continuously connected. All training content is developed from three perspectives (practical competences in diagnosis and therapy/theoretical fundamentals/social interaction with patients and colleagues).

Where can I find employment later on?
Hospitals, doctors’ practises, research facilities, medical services, healthcare, pharmaceutical industry, medical management, health policy.
In what fields/subject areas can I work?

Medical basics and applied research, patient care, health promotion and prevention, sales and management (pharmaceuticals, medical technology), politics and administration.

What are the entry requirements?
  • General higher education entrance qualification, advanced technical college certificate or a special higher education entrance in accordance with §37 and §38 of the Hamburg Higher Education Law for working people without higher education entrance qualification through an entrance exam.
What costs will I incur as part of my studies?
Semester fee is currently € 300.


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Information about studying

Who offers this course?

Universität Hamburg

Type of study

University studies


12 semesters + 3 months

Qualification on completion

State examinations

Special features

Nursing care internship (three months), clinical traineeship (four months).

State recognition