Psychology (B. Sc.)

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What is the content of the course of studies?

The aim of scientific psychology is to describe and explain the experiences and behaviour of people. The bachelor’s degree course provides students with the necessary expertise and the skills to survey the core research results of the subject and to apply basic scientific methods and findings as examples. Course content includes biological psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, industrial and organisational psychology, educational psychology.

Where can I find employment later on?
Psychologists work among others within scientific research, education and training, psychological counselling in the health, welfare and education sectors. They are also consultants in administration, business and industry. For most of these activities, a master’s degree in psychology (post-bachelor’s degree) is required, in particular also for training as a psychological psychotherapist.
In what fields/subject areas can I work?

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What are the entry requirements?
  • General higher education entrance qualification (Hochschulreife), advanced technical college certificate (Fachhochschulreife).
  • Adequate knowledge in mathematical, natural sciences and a humanities way of thinking and working, as well as English language skills.

What costs will I incur as part of my studies?
Semester fee approx. €300


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Who offers this course?

Universität Hamburg

Type of study

University studies


Six semesters

Qualification on completion

Bachelor of Science

Special features

At least a nine-week internship during the course of studies.

State recognition