Emergency paramedic

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What are my activities in this job?
Emergency paramedics are responsible for first aid at the scene of an emergency, and independently lead immediate actions until the patient is seen by an emergency doctor. They then transport the affected under professional care to the hospital, disinfect the ambulance and prepare the ambulance for the next emergency callout. They are also responsible for transport certificates, incident reports and documentation of the callout. Paramedics also receive and coordinate emergency calls at the office.
Where can I work?
Emergency paramedics mostly work in hospitals, where they are primarily employed by ambulance and emergency services. Emergency paramedics can also work for blood donation services, city fire departments, disaster aid organisations and local rescue services.
What requirements must I meet?
  • Secondary school certificate; first general education school leaving certificate and a completed two-year course of training/education; successful completion of ten years of schooling that extends the first general education school leaving certificate; other general schooling.
  • General medical fitness; minimum age: 18 years; no criminal record
How much will the training cost?
Subject to certain costs, such as school fees or admission/examination fees.


More information on training


Information on training & education programmes

Location of the training provider


Type of training/education

Academic and practical


3 years


Emergency paramedic


The training & education programme lasts two years and includes 780 theoretical and practical hours, as well as 420 theoretical and practical units in a hospital. After the two-year training & education course, there is a one-year placement in the field oation and government agencies.

Student stipend/allowance

No remuneration is paid during the school training course. The professional traineeship is paid.

State recognition