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Biomedical Engineering (M. Sc., TUHH)

Who offers this course?



5 semesters

State recognition


Type of study

University studies


Some events are held at the UKE.

Qualification on completion

Master of Science

What is the content of the course of studies?

The acquisition of knowledge and skills specific to engineering, medical and operational aspects of patient care.

Lectures in the fields of biotechnology (tissue engineering), biomechanics, control engineering and business administration. In addition, material-specific or constructive mechanical specialisations can be set while studying.

Where can I find employment later on?

Companies in the fields of medical technology, medical device technology and related disciplines.

In what fields/subject areas can I work?

Professional subject areas include research and development, project management and careers in management or administration.

What are the entry requirements?

  • Bachelor in Engineering Sciences, including AIW, GES or MB (TUHH).
  • Mathematical and natural sciences, engineering sciences and medical technology fundamentals, ability for self-organisation.

What costs will I incur as part of my studies?

Semester fee currently € 335.90 (summer term 2022)