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Berufsziel Gesundheit

Responsible (according §5 TMG):

Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH

Süderstraße 30
D-20097 Hamburg

Management: Jan Quast

Phone: +49 40 25 333 68 – 0
E-Mail: info(at)

HRB 108688
Tax-Id: 27/116/00593

Data protection

Our data security officer is:

Marcus Falke
Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH
Süderstraße 30
20097 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 25 333 68 – 97
E-Mail: datenschutz(at)

Our data privacy policy is available under Link

Copyright and disclaimer

The homepage, the summary pages as well as the contributions in this offering are protected by copyright. The pages may only be copied for private use. Changes may not be made and copies may neither be distributed nor used for purposes of public display. The individual contributions are also protected by copyright.
All information on this website is provided without guarantee for its correctness. Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH (GWHH) assumes liability for damage caused of its own fault or the fault of its vicarious agents only if it is associated with gross negligence or malice. This does not apply if the damage pertains to injury to life, body or health.
On our website you will also find references to other websites that you can visit via hyperlinks from the GWHH website. These are third party websites upon whose content GWHH has no influence. These hyperlinks are provided as a service by GWHH. However, GWHH is not responsible for their content.
If you become aware of any illegal content on the websites of other providers, that you were able to access using a hyperlink on our website, we kindly ask that you notify us of this so that we can remove the reference to the website in question.

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