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Masseur & medical bath attendant

Gesundheitliche Ausbildung
Location of the training provider



2,5 years

State recognition


Type of training/education



After passing the final examination, a six-month placement in the field must be completed.

Training allowance

No remuneration is paid during the school training course. The subsequent placement is paid.

What are my activities in this job?

Masseurs and medical bath attendants treat patients based on doctor’s referrals or for voluntary treatments using massages, baths, exercise therapies, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, radiotherapy and other physical treatment methods.

They implement doctor’s orders, but can also provide preventive treatment. They work primarily with light, heat, cold, mechanical forces and water. They also document and invoice the treatments.

QUALIFICATION: Masseur & medical bath attendant

Where can I work?

Masseurs and medical bath assistants work in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, health centres, massage practices, senior homes and physiotherapy practices as well as for nursing services.

What requirements must I meet?

  • First stage general secondary education certificate or equivalent education or
  • Completion of a training & education programme of at least one year
  • General health suitability
  • Personal and social competence

How much will the training cost?

In some cases, costs are incurred, such as tuition fees or admission and examination fees.

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