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Nursing Care

Who offers this course?

HAW Hamburg


4 semesters

State recognition


Type of study

University studies


The course of studies is aimed at people who have had a work permit in nursing and children’s nursing or in nursing of the elderly for at least one year and are a graduate of an undergraduate nursing degree (bachelor, master or similar degree). The course offers the possibility of specialising in an area, of undertaking management functions and to further develop care processes on a scientific basis.

Qualification on completion

Master of Science

What is the content of the course of studies?

The four-semester course is modular. It is divided into three groups of modules with the master’s thesis in the fourth semester. Students can complete the practical part of their studies with their employer or a cooperation partner.
The central focus is the scientific processing of relevant practical nursing care issues in the following areas of action:

– Design of care scenarios for people with gerontological care needs
– Design of supply scenarios for people with intense and complex nursing care requirements
– Design of supply scenarios for people with cancer and palliative care requirements

Students of the nursing care master’s degree course acquire skills to implement science-based nursing practice in a particular field of action, to transfer research results into nursing practice, for technical management and for initiating, monitoring and implementation of evaluation and research.

Students develop the ability to focus on the individual client perspective using their scientifically founded nursing practice. They are able to make evidence-based decisions and to bring their actions in line with ethical, social and scientific findings as well as to put the special situation of clients at the centre of these decisions. In addition, scientific preparation of nursing-practical issues are dealt with.

– Nursing science and research
– Clinical care
– Nursing science specialist project
– Health systems and policies
– Initiating and shaping change processes
– International social care and healthcar

Where can I find employment later on?

The extra-occupational course provides sound scientific and practice-oriented training, which qualifies students to take on professional management tasks, recognise the need for research and realise research projects.

In what fields/subject areas can I work?

The information will be updated shortly.

What are the entry requirements?

  • Professional permit in health care and (paediatric) nursing or geriatric nursing Professional practice of at least one year Completion of an undergraduate degree programme (Bachelor, Magister or Diplom) with 210 CP. Important note: Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree of 180 credit points are given the opportunity to make up the missing 30 credit points within two semesters in the Bachelor’s degree programme Nursing Development and Management at HAW Hamburg in consultation with the selection committee. They are admitted and enrolled for a limited period of up to two semesters to make up the missing 30 credit points.
  • Application is possible every two years.
  • Application period 2022: 1 June to 15 August
  • A letter of motivation and a curriculum vitae must be submitted as additional documents.

What costs will I incur as part of my studies?

Semester fee currently € 340.40 (summer term 2022).

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