Gesundheitsberufe Hamburg

Speech therapist

Gesundheitliche Ausbildung
Location of the training provider



3 years

State recognition


Type of training/education

Academic and practical


The training comprises 3,170 theoretical and practical hours at the vocational school and 1,230 practical hours in a hospital or laboratory.

Training allowance

A remuneration is paid during the training:

  • 1st year 1.065 euro
  • 2nd year 1.125 euro
  • 3rd year 1.222 euro

What are my activities in this job?

Speech therapists assess and treat deficiencies in language, speech, vocals, swallowing and hearing, if these are speech-related. They make diagnoses and provide treatment and consultation for patients and relatives.

Treatment is provided using speech therapy methods such as breathing and relaxation exercises. Speech therapists work closely together with doctors and administer treatment according to doctors’ orders.

QUALIFICATION: Speech therapist

Where can I work?

Speech therapists can work in specialised clinics for hearing, voice and language disorders, specialist ear, nose and throat practices, neurology, rehabilitation facilities and hospitals or can work on an independent basis.

What requirements must I meet?

  • General (or subject-related) university entrance qualification or
  • Secondary school certificate or
  • First general education school leaving certificate and a completed two-year course of training/ education

How much will the training cost?

Subject to certain costs, such as material or examination fees.

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