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Veterinary assistant

Gesundheitliche Ausbildung
Location of the training provider



3 years

State recognition


Type of training/education

Academic and practical


The academic training lasts three years and includes a theoretical component in a school and a practical portion within the training organization.


A training wage is paid that increases for each year of training.

What are my activities in this job?

Veterinary assistants provide assistance with treatments as well as surgical interventions by veterinarians. They care for the animals throughout the entire course of treatment in the practice or clinic. They also prepare X-ray imagery, work in the laboratory and care for the animals at the infirmary. They also advise animal owners on prevention, follow-up care and proper animal ownership.

Veterinary assistants are also responsible for hygiene, maintaining the proper condition of the veterinary pharmacy and providing first aid for animals. Another area of responsibility is the administration and organization of the everyday work of the practice.

QUALIFICATION: Veterinary assistant

Where can I work?

Veterinary assistants work mainly in veterinary practices or clinics as well as in veterinary diagnostic laboratories, zoos, animal shelters and pet shops.

What requirements must I meet?

  • Intermediate school-leaving qualification or
  • Completion of education & training that extends the first general school leaving certificate or
  • Another general school education
  • Fun and skill in working with animals
  • No fear of contact with animal bodily secretions
  • General health fitness

How much will the training cost?

There are no costs.

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