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Are you about to finish secondary studies and are considering what career opportunities are available to you? Skilled occupations in the healthcare sector offer many opportunities for development. With our website for healthcare-related training courses, we would like to give you a quick overview of the wide variety of professional options available in the healthcare sector in Hamburg.

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to find your dream job in the promising healthcare sector!

We are happy to provide information directly to refugees on training & education opportunities in the healthcare sector.

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Studying in Hamburg

The city of Hamburg offers a wide range of healthcare-related courses.
You can quickly find out at a glance whether your professional interests lie more in management, or perhaps more in the technical or medical field. At the link below you will find various different courses in all healthcare sectors, as well as a direct link to the course at the respective college in Hamburg (in German).

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Training & education future prospects

Choosing a healthcare profession with prospects is a good decision. The healthcare sector is constantly growing and offers many career tracks and development opportunities.

In order to make your search for a suitable skilled occupation easier, here you have the option to display selected skilled professions in Hamburg based on your personal interests.

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